About us

What is Audiomovers?

We are a team focused on developing pro audio applications. Providing full spectrum of outsource development, from product design to coding and QA. Our team is capable to design and deliver audio products of any complexity.

Audiomoves also released critically acclaimed original products such as LISTENTO plug-in and service, which allows users to stream low latency uncompressed/compressed audio from DAW to webpage or receiver plug-in. More original products coming soon…

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Who is behind the scene?

Igor Maxymenko - product designer / product owner

Audiomovers Listento - product owner/designer.

Igor has over a decade experience as a product manager/designer in Waves Audio Ltd. He worked on several award winning product released by Waves such as Tracks Live, MultiRack, SoundGrid, Digigrid, CLA 2A, CLA 76, CLA 3A, Puig Child, PuigTech and many more. He designed part of a factory presets for Waves Element and Codex synthesizers. Igor also is an active sound engineer, system tech and music producer.

Yuriy Shevyrov - Senior Software Developer

Yuriy has over 10 years experience in audio software development. He was part of AVID Pro Tools development team for 7 years also he led a project in Waves Audio.

Former members

Yevhen Pozdniakov - Software Developer

Yevhen developed for state owned military company and worked for several years as Waves Audio software developer. Yevhen has an PhD degree.

Andrey Tretyak - Software developer

Andrey is an ex Samsung Mobile and Waves Audio software developer, specializes on UI development.

Volodymyr Morev - Software developer

Volodymyr worked as an Avid Pro Tools developer for 7 years with over a decade experience as a software engineer.

Andrey Mishin - QA engineer / Tech Support

Andrey worked as QA engineer for such companies as Avid, Air Music Tech, Waves Audio. Experienced in testing Audio software and Hardware.