1) What is the Listento plugin?
Listento is a software audio plug-in developed by Audiomovers. Designed to stream audio signal from DAW to web-browser session or to Listento Receiver. Listento allows real-time stream several lossless and compressed formats. Plug-in available in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.
2) How to use the Listento plugin?
To start using the Listento plugin just select the track (Audio or Instrumental) and put the Listento into empty insert slot.
  • Log-in using your account settings;
  • Set session name;
  • Copy Link of your session and send it to your client;
  • Click Start Transmission button to begin streaming.
3) What is the Listento Receiver plugin?
Listento Receiver is a plugin which allows to receive and record incoming Audio stream from remote Listento plugin.
4) How to use the Listento Receiver plugin?

To start using the Listento Receiver plugin just create an AUX track,

  • Put the Listento Receiver into insert slot of the AUX track;
  • Paste the link;
  • Click Connect button – now you should be able to hear incoming signal.

In order to record incoming audio stream from Listento plug-in

  • Connect AUX track output to the Audio track input;
  • Record arm Audio track;
  • Start recording.
5) Where to put the Listento in my chain of effects?
Listento plug-in is pass thru effect plug-in and doesn’t affect your audio. Like other effect plug-ins it’s processing takes place before mixer fader of your DAW, so changing volume on a track where Listento plug-in is inserted won’t affect volume of streaming audio.
6) Where to put the Listento Receiver in my chain of effects?
Listento Receiver – is an effect plug-in and that outputs received audio stream. When plug-in inserted in to track, all information before Listento Receiver will be muted.
7) Is it possible to use multiple instances of the Listento plugin?
Yes. You can use the Listento plugin in multiple tracks. Each instance will create new stream. You can switch between streams on Listento web player or select desired streaming channel in receiver plug-in.
8) May I use the same link for web-player and for Receiver?
Yes. Link is related to specific streaming session, so it can be used for both web player and receiver plug-in.
9) I want to try the Listento plugin. Is there any Demo available?
Yes. You can Sign Up and get the 1 week service for FREE. You can extend expired service time in your account user section.
10) Is it possible to use multiple instances of the Listento Receiver plugin?
Yes. You can use multiple instances of the Listento Receiver.
11) How to choose the Quality of audio stream?
You can choose streaming quality in quality drop-down menu. Higher quality requires, the faster internet connection required in order to deliver all samples intact.
12) Listento is reported to be a virus by AVG. What can I do?
Add it to the list of exceptions following the manual. One day, when we will be fat and rich, we will buy an extended validation certificate for the digital signature and will fix the problem.
13) No sound On Mac OS X in Safari Browser (v12.0 or higher)
Go to Safari, Preferences, Websites tab, choose Auto Play item at the left pane, choose Allow All Auto-Play for listento.audiomovers.com, see the screenshot below: